Automatic transmission parts
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Transmission is one of the main components of any car. It serves to change the gears of the car, which ultimately allows the car to reach speed. For people who do not fully understand what a transmission is, there is a simple example – a bicycle. A car’s transmission is very similar to a bicycle design, and operates on the same principle.

Automatic transmission parts
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The main issue on the agenda is whether it is worth changing the transmission oil. The answer is pretty obvious. The topic of the question concerns only cars with an automatic transmission, since the manual transmission does not have such a complex design, and there are no problems about changing the oil in the manual transmission.
When asking any automatic transmission car owner, everyone immediately begins to say that the automaker puts lifetime oil in the transmission, and also that changing the oil can only worsen the condition of the automatic transmission.

Automatic transmission
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However, two points follow from this. The first is that although the automaker assures about “lifetime” oil, as well as the fact that it does not need to be changed, the companies do not specify the concept of “lifetime”. This term can refer to 100,000, 150,000 or more kilometers. The second point states that when changing the oil in an automatic transmission, you can only make it worse. However, this is fundamentally wrong. The thing is that the transmission, like any other part in the car, requires maintenance. Transmission oil can also get hot and overheated, and old automatic transmission oil works much worse. When changing the oil, you can’t make it worse; worse can be done only when the oil does not change at all. Transmission oil is recommended to change every 30,000 kilometers, or every 2 years.

Do you change the oil in the automatic transmission?