Toyota – a reliable car?

Toyota Corolla
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Toyota is a Japanese car brand that has been producing cars for over 70 years. This car manufacturer is known for its reliability and affordability, and because of that is one of the most largest car company in the world.

How did it turned out that these cars are so reliable? The answer is very simple.

Toyota Corolla Hood
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Although Toyota uses high-quality materials in their cars, the company achieves reliability because of one thing – simplicity. Toyotas are very simple mechanically; their cars just don’t have that much of electronics and other modern technologies. Therefore, there is nothing that can break or deteriorate over time. In addition to that, Toyota uses similar parts in their engines and transmissions, which makes these cars more reliable. If you compare Camry 1997 and Camry 2014 you will notice that they are pretty much the same inside.

Toyota Corolla
Goodfreephotos_com | Pixabay

Considering the fact that Toyota has produced millions of cars over the past 30 years, it can be said that these cars are very cheap to maintain. If your Toyota requires a repair, you can easily find cheap spare parts for it.

What do you think about Toyota? Share your thoughts.


  1. Khabib29

    Toyotas are the best cars in da world!!! Love it!!!

    • kotakb4s

      C’mon man, Honda way better than Toyota. These cars are for boomers

  2. Bella

    Shuuuut up gays
    Mercedes one love

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