Oil change is an essential part of every maintenance and every car owner must do it. But why is it so important? This is because oil is a lubricates moving parts in the engine, which in turn allows the engine to run longer and smoother.

Oil level check
DokaRyan | Pixabay

Many car owners have probably wondered how often they need to change their engine oil. Someone says that the oil needs to be changed every 7000 kilometers, while someone claims that the oil needs to be changed even 15000 kilometers. However, all these judgments are incorrect, and the correct decision in this case is the figure 5000. That is how much a car can drive without changing the oil.

Oil level check
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It is necessary to change the lubricant every 5000 kilometers, as the engine will last longer if changed at this interval. If the driver rarely changes the oil in the engine, then there is a possibility of an overhaul of the engine, which in turn will lead to additional costs.

How often do you make oil changes?