You love her. You care about her every day. You talk to her. You know about her pros and cons. You forgive her for everything. She is faithful and worships you. You know that one day she may save your life. But somewhere inside yourself, you think about the other one.

We created this website because we like cars. And we like car-lovers. And because cars can’t live by themselves for now…

People have created millions of auto blogs. Now it’s time for L3 Car – a community about cars and people, a blog where you can find any car-related topic.

A couple of photos and a little story about your vehicle are the only things you need to have to be a part of this great community (you will write about your favorite one way better than someone else, don’t you?)

  • Here you can easily find people with similar interests
  • You can contribute to creating a huge base of knowledge about cars
  • Many people will be able to look at your car
  • By rating and commenting on owner’s cars, you will help in creating a car rating
  • Together, we will make the automotive world better

We hope that you will enjoy this blog. Join now!

With love, L3 Car.